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It’s time to rethink what motion control technology can do for your machine’s performance.

Discover the motion control difference.

We have decades of experience in motion control technology, but we’re here in North America to do something new. AMK Automation is an agile partner, applying our expertise and technology to maximize your automation performance. We're open to new ideas. We believe the best solution is often the simplest one. We won’t lock you into a one-size-fits-all architecture. AMK Automation would rather invent your perfect solution, helping you build better machines, faster.

Our Technology

Uniquely flexible and fully customizable—that's the essence of the AMK Automation portfolio.  

Power Your Efficiency

See how the AMKASMART family of decentralized solutions brings the future of efficiency to your machine.

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Your perfect motion control solution begins with a conversation. Get in touch and start building your next invention today.


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